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Risa Murakami (村上里沙) - Doggy Fuck (DFE008) -

Risa Murakami (村上里沙) – Doggy Fuck (DFE008)

Risa Murakami (村上里沙) - Doggy Fuck (DFE008) -

JAV Title Name:Doggy Fuck – DFE008
Release Date:30 Oct 2008
Duration:130 minutes
Movie Size:1.4GB
Quality:720 x 544
Studio:Studio Waap Entertainment Fearless -
Description:Risa Murakami is one of those AV actresses who looks so amazingly beautiful in her photos that it makes you wonder whether she will measure up on screen. I’ll make it easy for you – Risa delivers! Not only does she have a smoking hot body to go with her refined beauty, but Risa is actually very versatile as an AV actress. She is able to go from playing a submissive victim in one film to a smoldering, man-eating vixen in another, which is honestly something that very few other AV actresses can claim.

“Beautiful Cabin Attendant” is a good place to sample Risa’s submissive side, as she mixes in some light bondage scenes. Her sexually aggressive persona surfaces in her portion of “Harmony Gal Erotic Style The Two”, where she plays a dolled-up dominatrix in a couple scenes. The rest of Risa’s videos showcase her acting talent and her ridiculous beauty, and will leave you thirsting for more!

獣ヲ愛 デル美女。 容姿端麗 ・ 八頭身 美人の 妖艶レディ 村上里沙が、 「普段か ら好き」 とい う犬への愛情 表現を性的に倒 錯させて、 肉欲の虜 にせんとばかりに 執拗に貪りつき、 自らのタ ブーと限界 に挑んで、 ≪異種姦≫ の新境地を 切り開く、 美女と野獣の インモラル獣姦ド キュメント。 獣と交わり、 ケモノと化す。 パシファエ の恋慕を髣髴とさ せる関係性と、 神話の世界を現 代に蘇らせる美 女の姿は魅力的であり、 人間以外 のイキモノと の性交こそ、 究極のエロ スと呼ぶにふさわ しい神々しき行 為である…。全5編 – You can use Google Translator to convert to English

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