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JavRus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • What is JAV?
  • JAV stands for Japanese Adult Videos.

  • How come I see these funny symbols in the post?
  • They are eastern fonts, which needs to be installed before you can see them.

  • Why can’t I extract the videos from the .rar file?
  • All JAV video files are encrypted, you will need to download the separate password file in the post to decode it.

  • Supplied survey to unlock the password is not working?
  • This film require .RAR Password to unlock, if the survey is not working in your country you can also pay $2USD to have it unlocked, please Contact Us for payment information.

  • Why can’t I view the video?
  • You probably don’t have the proper codec to decode the video, download and install K-Lite from here.

  • Why are there a very thin digital blurring over the female and male genitalia in most videos?
  • Due to Japanese law all adult movies are censored.

  • Can I keep the videos I download forever?
  • Yes, we do not use DRM technologies to restrict the use of the videos you download from us.

  • I’m getting extremely slow download speeds when downloading, what’s going on?
  • To increase the download speed you can sign up to premium service which offers unlimited download without the capped speed, you sign up to the below services we offer:



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    1. I can’t click on the separate password file in the posted by found nothing to download. Please help and thanks.